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02 Oct

Ensuring the Efficiency of your Industrial Oven

Industrial ovens are complex pieces of machinery, and ensuring they are running efficiently is critical for companies to keep energy usage and running costs down. This blog post will look at how companies can ensure that their industrial oven is running at the optimal efficiency. Heat Sources in Industrial Ovens Gas-fired industrial ovens are traditionally

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18 Sep

Using an Industrial Furnace for Semiconductor Device Fabrication

A semiconductor is a material that partially conducts electricity in an electronic circuit. Most semiconductors are crystals and they are often made of silicon. They exhibit a conductivity level between that of a conductor and an insulator. The fabrication of a semiconductor is often achieved using an industrial furnace; this blog post will outline how

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11 Sep

Choosing the Appropriate Industrial Oven for your Application

While there are two main configurations of industrial ovens – batch and continuous – there are a variety of capabilities and classifications that need to be considered when choosing the optimal oven for your application. This blog post will outline some of the key considerations when choosing an industrial oven. Temperature Temperature considerations are arguably

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04 Sep

Crystal Growing Processes Using an Industrial Furnace

A crystal is a material with a highly ordered microscopic structure of its constituents that form a crystal lattice. The process in which crystals are formed is called crystallization. Crystal growth is an important stage in the crystallization process and there are a lot of methods used to encourage this process. Industrial furnaces can be

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28 Aug

What is an Industrial Oven?

An industrial oven is a heated chamber that is used for a range of different heat treatment processes. They operate at extremely high temperatures and can be used for both small or large volume applications. Types of Industrial Oven There are two main configurations of industrial ovens, batch and continuous. A batch oven is also

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23 Aug

The Components Within a Gas Fired Industrial Furnace

Gas fired industrial furnaces convert a heat source into thermal energy with the aim of achieving a higher temperature than what can be achieved with other systems. They perform a range of different functions, including materials testing, sintering, and tempering. While industrial furnaces can be used for different applications, the general components remain the same.

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14 Aug

Different Types of Industrial Furnaces and Their Applications

Industrial furnaces are used globally for a wide range of applications. As the selection of applications grew, different types of furnaces were developed to keep up with demands. This blog post will look at a selection of industrial furnaces and their applications. Ashing Furnaces Ashing furnaces are used to determine the amount of ash that

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09 Aug

Test Methods Used to Determine Ash Produced in Ashing Furnaces

When a sample is burnt completely in an ashing furnace, the residue consists mostly of metal oxides. Within these burnt samples, one component is ash, which is often used in the proximate analysis of biological materials. The ash content determination is the process of mineralization for the preconcentration of trace substances before an analysis such

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03 Aug

Industrial Oven and Furnace Application Spotlight: Aircraft Metals

Industrial oven and furnaces are used to perform a variety of heat treatment processes on raw materials. They are widely adopted in the aerospace industry, from the manufacturing process to maintenance and repair once the aircraft is built. This blog post will look specifically at some of the aircraft metal applications that be achieved using

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25 Jul

Industrial Ovens: The Various Types and Their Applications

An industrial oven is a heated chamber that is used to perform a wide range of applications within industry. Generally, industrial ovens process a raw material at extremely high temperatures to perform a heat treatment process. Typical applications for industrial ovens include food production, chemical processing, and even the electronics industry. This blog post will

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