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14 Jun

What is a Rotary Tube Furnace?

By definition, a rotary tube furnace is a heat-treating circular furnace, which rotates during heat-treatment. Samples are transported through the furnace in a circular path as they are heated. Rotary tube furnaces generally burn pulverized, solid, gaseous or liquid fuel into its working section, and then the heating gases created flow towards the sample. These

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05 Jun

Tube Furnaces Available from Thermcraft

Thermcraft supplies a wide variety of different furnaces for a range of industries and applications. Our tube furnaces are known worldwide to be reliable and meet the requirements of customers. Tube furnaces from Thermcraft are available as standard or they can be customized to exact specifications. We provide furnaces that can be operated either vertically

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23 May

The Processes Performed with Heat Treatment Furnaces

The term heat treatment covers a variety of controlled processes that are used to alter a material’s physical and chemical properties. Heat treatment furnaces are used to achieve these processes, which involve extreme heating or cooling to achieve their desired reaction. This blog post will outline some of the heat treatment processes that can be

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16 May

The LAB-TEMPTM Range of Laboratory Furnaces and Ovens from Thermcraft

The LAB-TEMPTM range of laboratory furnaces and ovens from Thermcraft are used worldwide by some of the biggest materials testing system manufacturers. All of the laboratory furnaces and ovens from the LAB-TEMPTM range are constructed with stainless steel exteriors and can be designed to be retro-fitted to existing systems or for new OEM systems. The

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03 May

Custom Designed Ovens from Thermcraft

In addition to Thermcraft’s standard industrial ovens, we also manufacture custom designed ovens that can be built to customer’s precise requirements. Our experienced team can help customers throughout the entire process of developing a custom industrial oven. We can create custom ovens in either continuous or batch types in a variety of sizes depending on

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26 Apr

The eXPRESS-LINE of Laboratory Furnaces from Thermcraft

Thermcraft manufactures a large range of high-quality thermal processing equipment, ranging from fully customized designs to quick-ship solutions. With a focus on customer needs, we developed the eXPRESS-LINE laboratory furnaces, a fast-ship range that provides outstanding temperature uniformity and a programmable control system. Depending on your laboratory requirement, we supply a variety of furnaces such

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24 Mar

What Needs to Be Considered When Purchasing a Custom Furnace

Custom furnaces are an ideal choice for companies who require a furnace with very specific specifications. Whether your company has limited space and needs a compact furnace, or a certain fuel source is desired, there are many things to consider before purchasing a custom furnace. Price The initial furnace cost should be a major consideration

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20 Mar

Different Types of Industrial Furnaces Available from Thermcraft

Used to convert an energy source into thermal energy, industrial furnaces are used in a broad range of industries, from oil and gas, to plastics, to the chemical industry. This wide range of industries is a result of the vast applications that industrial heaters can be used for, such as annealing, sintering and material testing.

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13 Feb

Used Furnaces & Ovens

Industrial ovens and furnaces are both heated chambers used to process raw materials at higher temperatures than what can be obtained in open-air systems. There is a range of heat treatments possible with both industrial furnaces and ovens, and the main purpose of any heat treatment is to change the mechanical of physical properties of

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