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Liquid Quenchant Fluidized Bed Technology (LQF)

At long last there is a proven alternative to air, molten lead and salt or sand fluidized bed quenching of medium and high carbon steel wire at a lower capital cost! Themcraft, Inc., working in conjunction with RichardsApex Inc. and B.W.C. Technologies Ltd., has developed a low energy consuming, nontoxic, highly controllable method to concurrently patent steel tire wire and other steel long products – even when diameters and chemistries are very dissimilar.
The newly developed quenching and soaking process termed Thermodynamic Wire Transformation, based on Newton’s Law of Forced Convective Cooling, overcomes diameter and chemistry concurrency limitations while consuming a fraction of operating energy.

The Liquid Quenchant Fluidized Bed Technology (LQF) is protected under U.S. Patent Number 9139888

Property Enhancements
  • Patented tensile strength
  • Reduction of area
  • Improved work hardening rate
  • Filament strength
  • Filament ductility
  • Fine draw ability
  • Fatigue resistance



LQF Benefits

An operator friendly solution to the environmental hazards of Pb-drag-out or sand recuperation in fluidized beds. The LQF system produces less heat, the bed is easily accessible, and the environment is neat and clean.

There are no hazards of ecological and toxicological exposure resulting in adverse physiological outcomes.

LQF technology yields major quality improvements at a lower operating cost, while producing less scrap, rework and rejected material.

Liquid Quenchant Fluidized Bed Technology’s high heat transfer rate results in a fine pearlitic microstructure more difficult to obtain using other techniques particularly when higher strength super-, ultra- and mega-tensile steels are processed.
The LQF system is easily adjustable for different diameters, speeds and types of carbon steel.

Dissimilar chemistries and diameters can be processed concurrently yielding a product quality previously obtainable only by processing these materials separately. Even very large diameter (> 1 millimeter) or chemistry differences (1070 and 1090 Cr steels) are suitable for concurrent processing using the new technique. In one study the ability to concurrently process vastly different diameters and chemistries resulted in a 50 percent reduction of code changes on plating lines.

Imagine the combined savings of lower energy costs, higher quality product and the ability to concurrently process dissimilar materials!

Specifications and Options

Optional Equipment

  • Refractometer
  • Heat Exchanger (requires connection to a cooling source)
  • Extraction Hood
  • Water Condensation Unit
Model Number LQF-2W
Number of Wires
Heat Zones
Control System
Exterior Size (HxDxW)
170" x 24" x 50"
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