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Thermcraft Box Furnaces

Thermcraft box furnaces are available in a wide variety of configurations and temperature ranges.  The box furnace is ruggedly simple and conservative in design, which makes this type of furnace very versatile and trouble-free.  These units are built with a heavy gage steel shell and low watt density heating elements along with lightweight ceramic fiber insulation making these furnaces and ovens suitable for any laboratory or industrial application.

Box furnaces are available in many configurations that include single zone or multiple zone heated chambers and temperature ranges up to 1010°C, 1204°C, 1538°C, or 1700°C (1850°F, 2200°F, 2800°F, or 3092°F).  Options include pneumatic door openers, view ports, sealed chamber with ports for atmosphere control, heated doors, quench tanks, automation, standard controls and PLC controls, just to mention a few.  If you can imagine it, Thermcraft can build it.  Below are some examples of different types of box furnaces that we manufacture.


Dual Chamber Tool Room Furnace - SERIES 2BHS/A

Dual Chamber Tool Room Furnace

The Dual Chamber Tool Room Furnace displayed here has a temperature capability of 1260°C (2300°F) in the upper chamber and 677°C (1250°F) in the lower chamber. Shown with optional roll-out quench tank, roller hearth and pneumatic door opener.

Click Here for the SERIES 2BHS/A Product Sheet

Bench Top and Floor Stand Box Furnaces

Floor Stand Box Furnace

This Floor Stand Box Furnace has a double pivoting hinged door that keeps the high temperature interior face of the door away from the operator for safety. This type of box furnace is typically designed for industrial use, but can be used in an R&D or laboratory environment as well.

Bench Top Box Furnace

This Bench Top Box Furnace with control system is designed for laboratory and industrial use. This type of box furnace reaches temperatures of 1200°C (2192°F).

High Temperature Box Furnace

High Temperature Box Furnace

The High Temperature Box Furnace pictured here uses silicon carbide heating elements for operating temperatures up to 1538°C (2800°F).  The cantilever door keeps the hot face away from the operator.  A silicon carbide hearth plate is used to ensure long life in the high temperature environment.  The pink color coded insulation indicates the temperature rating.  The insulation will turn to white after heated.  This type of box furnace is ideal for industrial use.

Muffle Type Box Furnace

Muffle Type Box Furnace

This Muffle Type Box Furnace has a muffle (or retort) designed for sealed atmosphere operation at high temperatures up to 1100°C (2012°F). The muffle (or retort) is mounted on a cart to allow easy conversion to a standard box furnace.

Other Box Furnaces

Hydrogen Atmosphere Heat Treating Furnace

The Hydrogen Atmosphere Heat Treating Furnace shown here is complete with a humidity control system that adds moisture to the hydrogen as it is introduced into the furnace. The programmable temperature control system monitors and controls the hydrogen and moisture levels as well as the furnace temperature.

Front Loading Box Furnace

This Front Loading Box Furnace has a pneumatically operated vertical lift door for easy access to the chamber. The foot pedal opens and closes the door of the furnace.

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