Furnaces and Ovens up to 1800°C

Heat on Demand


Available accessories include thermocouples, transformers, ceramics, firebrick, replacement coils and elements, vestibule blocks, relays, contactors and other items. If you don’t see what you need, please contact Thermcraft for more information.

Replacement Coils and Elements

Relays and Contactors p18-1Replacement coils and elements are available in a variety of configurations, voltages, wattages and wire sizes. These can be designed to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

Relays and Contactors

Replacement Coils p18-3sRelays and contactors are available to meet customer specification. Contactors are available in one or three phase, 10-200 amps and 115-480 volts. Relays are available with heat sinks for use to 40 amps or without for use up to 15 amps. Solid-State relays or SCR’s are available with one, two or three poles and in 35, 60 or 100 amp sizes.

Vestibule Blocks


Thermcraft’s vestibule blocks are high quality, high purity, vacuum formed ceramic fiber with a low sodium inorganic bond. Made to customer specification, these are available to fit all diffusion furnaces.

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Vestibule Blocks p18-4

Complete thermocouple assemblies and a full line of accessories are available for replacement or original use.

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